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Canceling a subscription
Canceling a subscription

Subscription plan cancellation

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The cancellation process varies between iPhone/IOS and Android devices, particularly for users on a free trial. If you are a free trial user, check this article: link

🍎Cancel Apple App Store Subscription

here Press to cancel your Apple App Store subscription

  1. Enter iPhone Settings

  2. Press your Apple ID at the top of the screen

  3. Enter Subscription

  4. Press the active Speak subscription

  5. Cancel subscription at the bottom

🤖Cancel Google Play Store Subscription

here Press to cancel your Android subscription

  1. Enter play store

  2. Press more on the left of the Play Store search box

  3. Enter recurring payment menu

  4. Press Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the Speak screen

🤔 What if Speak doesn't appear in the subscription list?

Ensure the payment was not made with another Apple ID or Google account.

Please check your payment receipt, which shows the payment date and time and the order number, to confirm the payment source.

🖥️ Cancel website (Paddle) purchase subscription

  1. Log onto

  2. Sign in to your account

  3. Click your email/profile in the top right

  4. Click Manage Membership

  5. Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen

*If you see the 'Subscribe again' button, the subscription cancellation process has already been completed.

💰Is my refund processed automatically upon subscription cancellation?

Please note that canceling a plan subscription and requesting a refund are two distinct actions:

Canceling a Plan Subscription: This action stops the future renewal (re-payment) of your current membership. You'll still have access to your current plan until its expiration date, but there won't be any automatic re-subscription or re-payment once the period ends.

Requesting a Refund: To initiate a refund for your membership, a separate request must be made. Refund processes are governed by our detailed refund policy, which can be reviewed here.

For instructions on how to request a refund, please visit this page.

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