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Google Play Store

The purchase price for content is generally charged according to the methods and policies set by mobile communication carriers, open markets, and mobile apps, and payments are also made according to the prescribed methods. Depending on our policy, the policy of payment service providers (mobile communication carriers, open market stores, and application stores, etc.), and government policies, payment limits may be imposed on each payment method.

  1. Paid members using Google Play Store and other payment methods can request a payment cancellation (withdrawal of application) to us within 7 days of payment. ◦ Periodic PurchaseWithin 7 days of payment • Full refund is possible. ▪ From 7 days after payment to within 30 days • After deducting the unused period regardless of the ticket period and deducting an additional 10% of the balance as a penalty, a part of the final amount is refunded. • In the case of monthly membership tickets and annual membership tickets, if 30 days have passed since the payment date, partial refunds are not possible. • For lifetime usage tickets, the unused period is deducted based on a 3-year usage period to calculate the remaining balance. ▪ After 30 days since the payment • No refund is possible. ▪ Exceptions related to Google Play Store refunds • Refunds cannot be made after paying the mobile phone charges reflected in the billing of purchased items through mobile phone payment methods. • Partial refunds are not possible when payment is made using mobile phone micropayment method, according to Google Play Store's policy. • You can only receive a refund a maximum of once for the same app. • Products paid for with Play Store gift vouchers cannot be refunded. • These specifics can be checked in the following link. ◦ Google Play Refund for more detailed information

App Store

In situations such as the Apple App Store where we cannot directly fulfill refund, there may be cases where refund cannot be done directly.

Apple Japan will directly handle relevant refund cases.

You can request refunds from here.

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