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Change from monthly to annual subscription plans
Change from monthly to annual subscription plans

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🔸Monthly Plan→Yearly Plan

If you're currently on a monthly subscription or utilizing a free trial, you have the option to switch your plan type using the steps outlined below:

  1. Open app > 👤 Profile (top right) > ⚙ Settings >

  2. Click the "Change to annual payment" button in the membership management menu

💡 Users on their Free Trial can also change plans

Refund processing based on plan change

[ 🍎 iPhone: App Store]

When you upgrade your plan through the App Store, we ensure a seamless transition:

  1. Any unused portion of your current monthly plan will be automatically refunded, with the exception of the days already utilized

  2. You will be instantly billed for your upgraded plan

  3. The upgraded plan will take effect immediately following the payment, providing you with uninterrupted access!

[🤖Android: Google Play Store]

When you switch from a monthly to an annual plan, the billing for the annual plan will commence once your current monthly plan concludes. Google Play automatically calculates and adjusts this transition:

The remaining value of your monthly plan is converted into a monetary credit.

  1. This credit is then applied to the cost of the annual plan, effectively reducing the initial payment required for the upgrade.

  2. The benefits of the upgraded annual plan become available immediately, utilizing the credited amount for the initial period.

  3. Once the credited period is over, the subscription and payment cycle for the annual plan begins.

  4. The auto-renewal for your annual plan will activate on the date the first payment is made.

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