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My Membership Status
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To check your membership status go to "Profile" tab > "settings" icon (located at the top right corner of screen):

Free User

Free users will see Account status: Free under Manage Membership

  • By clicking on "Manage Membership" you can start a subscription to unlock premium features.

(Please note that there is no separate payment for free users. )

Premium User

Free users will see Account status: Premium under Manage Membership

(This indicates that you are either in a free trial or have been charged for Premium.)

I paid for a premium membership but can't see it in my account.

  • Did you log in with another account besides the account you paid for the membership?

    • You must log in with the account you paid for the membership, and check your email for your order confirmation.

  • Was your purchase made through the Apple App Store?

    • Occasionally, a disruption in the connection between your Apple ID and the App Store may make your membership unrecognized, resulting in your account reverting to a free status. This is a common issue within the Apple App Store ecosystem.

    • To resolve this, navigate within the Speak App to 'Profile', then 'Settings', and proceed to 'Membership Management'. Select an option such as a monthly or annual, and scroll down to find the 'Restore Purchase' button. Clicking this will re-establish the connection and restore your membership status."

  • Did you pay via the Speak website? Did your payment method fail?

    • If your payment through the website is unsuccessful due to reasons such as changes in card information or insufficient funds, and you encounter an error where your membership is not correctly updated upon resuming payment, we're here to help.

    • In such instances, please reach out to us through the Speak App by going to 'Profile', then 'Settings', and accessing the 'Speak Customer Center'. Provide us with ① the email address associated with your Speak account, and ② the receipt or proof of the payment date. We will act promptly to rectify the issue and restore your membership status. Alternatlively you can reach out to us at [email protected]

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