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Voice Recognition is not working
Voice Recognition is not working
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Are certain words🔠 and numbers🔢 not recognized well during 'Speaking Drill'?

Or it doesn't recognize the whole sentence?

In this case, please check the following.

1️⃣ Speak AI listens to your voice and gets smarter! At first, the voice recognition rate may be low, but as you practice speaking a lot, the AI will adapt to your voice.

2️⃣ Make sure you are speaking in a quiet area! The recognition rate may decrease if the place has noise. Please practice indoors rather than in an area with ambient noise.

3️⃣ If you are using a Bluetooth device, check the microphone status.

🔧 Take Basic Action

1. Speak > Profile > Settings > Clear Cache

* Clearing the cache makes the app run faster!

2. After clearing the cache, close the app in the background, and restart it

3. Reboot the device or delete the app and reinstall it

4. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version

If you still have trouble with voice recognition even after taking basic actions, please check the following.

🍎 Are you an iOS (iPhone) user ?

1. iPhone Settings > Scroll down > Speak > Make sure the microphone is turned on //

2. iPhone Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Make sure microphone and voice recognition are allowed

🤖 Are you an Android user ?

[Check microphone permission on device]

1. Close the app completely

2. Device Settings > Applications > Speaks > Set Microphone Permission to 'Deny'

> >

4. For Samsung device users, please change the Bixby setting to OFF! Bixby > Settings > Bixby Voice > OFF

[Check microphone permission in Google app]

1. Close the app completely

2. Settings > Applications > Google > Make sure microphone permission is set to Allow

❓ What if voice recognition does not continue?

1. Click More at the top left of the lesson card for the class and click Report Error.

2. Please report the error via Spicapp > Profile > Settings > Customer Center. A detailed report will be of great help in identifying and correcting the cause of the error.

Based on the user information and message you send, we will reply after further confirmation with the team in charge.

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