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Voice Sync Issues in Speaking Exercises
Voice Sync Issues in Speaking Exercises
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Navigating voice and text discrepancies in speaking exercises can be challenging. Here's a comprehensive approach to addressing such issues:

  • Identifying and Reporting: Should you encounter a mismatch between the voice and the text, the first step is to report it promptly. This can be done by clicking the three dots icon in the top left corner of the speaking card, which opens a feature for detailed reporting of the issue.

  • Once reported, we'll work to replicate the issue. If it can be resolved quickly, we'll update you accordingly. In cases where a fix might take longer, we'll inform you and ensure the problem is rectified as soon as possible.

We truly appreciate your patience and the feedback you provide. Reporting issues not only helps us address your specific concern but also aids in enhancing the overall quality of our app. Your input is invaluable in our continuous effort to improve user experience.

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