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Updating learning language
Updating learning language
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The Speak app currently offers courses in English and Spanish. If you're looking to switch the language you're learning, here’s a streamlined process to make this change:

  1. Accessing Language Settings: Start by opening the Speak app on your device. Go to the 'Profile' section and look for the 'Settings' option.

  2. Selecting Native Language: In the settings menu, find the 'Language' section. Here, you can set or change your 'Native Language,' which is the language you are most comfortable with. This language will be used for subtitles and as the base for your learning.

    • If you want to learn English, select your native language (other than English). The app will automatically set English as the target language for your lessons.

    • To learn Spanish, choose 'English' as your native language. This will automatically set Spanish as your target language. (The Spanish course is only available to English speakers at the moment)

By following these simple steps, you can tailor the Speak app to effectively learn either English or Spanish, depending on your language preference and learning goals.

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