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What are Speak Premium Benefits?
What are Speak Premium Benefits?

Premium subscription benefits

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(1) All content available on Speak

Premium members have access to all classes provided by the app as well as

Unlimited learning is possible for additionally uploaded content at no additional cost.

(2) Q&A about the part you were curious about in class

If you ask questions about what you were curious about during the class

Speak's teachers will kindly answer you directly. Check out the questions and answers left by other users. The fact that your questions can be selected as Best Questions🏆 !

(3) The current price remains the same!

Speak adds a lot of content and features, and will try to increase the price soon.

If you subscribe now, you can enjoy Spic's premium content at the price you paid now, even if the membership price goes up in the future.

(4) Consistent speaking habits

Fill up your fireworks calendar with other users through the 🔥 Fire Challenge, available only to premium users!

We offer monthly giveaways🎁 through lottery by tier. In addition, various functions such as daily notifications, Habit Coach, and Smart Review are provided so that you do not miss what you have learned once and continue to develop speaking habits

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