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Change from monthly to annual subscription
Change from monthly to annual subscription

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🔸Monthly Plan→Yearly Plan

If you are currently subscribed to a monthly plan or in a free trial, you can change the plan type by the following method.

  1. Open app > 👤 Profile (top right) > ⚙ Settings >

  2. Click the "Change to annual payment" button in the membership management menu

💡 Users of free trial can also change plans during the free trial, so please consider it!

Refund processing based on plan change

[ 🍎 iPhone: App Store]

We will automatically refund any unused portion of your current monthly plan.

When you upgrade your plan from the App Store:

  • Automatically refund unused amount from existing plan, excluding days used

  • Instantly bill your upgraded plan

  • Your upgraded plan will be applied immediately after payment

[🤖Android: Google Play Store]

If you upgrade from a monthly plan to an annual plan, you will be billed for the annual plan after your current monthly plan expires. The period is automatically calculated and settled through Google Play.

  • Convert the rest of the course into money

  • Apply the unused amount to the amount of the newly upgraded plan for the period

  • Use only during the period when the unused amount is applied to the upgrade plan (upgrade plan is applied immediately)

  • After the above registration period ends, subscription and payment for the upgraded plan will start

  • Auto-renewal of upgraded plan starts on payment date

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