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What are credits? How can I use them?
What are credits? How can I use them?

credits usage

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Credits are units used by AI instructors, and one word can be used per credit . If you speak 65 words during the lesson, 65 credits will be deducted.

Credits are charged monthly based on the start date of your membership. If you start your subscription on January 3rd, your credits will automatically be charged on the 3rd of every month, providing 2,000/10,000/unlimited credits per month depending on your membership type.

Currently used credits and remaining credits can be viewed in the AI Instructor tab > Records and usage icon in the upper left corner > AI Instructor Usage.

If you run out of credits, you can upgrade to a Premium Plus or Unlimited plan. All Spic plans offer a premium use ticket for the Speak app and AI instructor credits together, so please note that you cannot add credits separately.

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