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Introducing Speak
Introducing Speak
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  • Speakeasy Labs is an artificial intelligence English education startup based in San Francisco, USA.

  • We operate Speak, an English conversation app that helps people learn English easily by using real-time voice recognition technology

  • Backed by Silicon Valley's top-tier investors, Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, and other well-known investors, as well as leaders of famous Silicon Valley companies, including the founders of Tinder and Figma.

  • Working in a small elite team with colleagues in the San Francisco, Seoul, and Ljubljana office, we have been growing explosively since our first entry into the Korean market in 2019.

  • 30% average monthly sales growth and 2 million downloads , and within 5 years, we aim to become a leader in the global English education market beyond Korea and Asia.


✔ 2020 Best Brands Chosen by Consumers (as of October 2020)

✔ Google - Selected as the best self-development app of the year (as of December 2020)

✔ Apple - No. 1 in app store education app sales (as of January 2021)
✔Raised $28 billion in Series A funding. Cumulative funding exceeds $30 billion (June 2022)
✔Raised $38 billion in Series B funding. Cumulative funding exceeds $60 billion (November 2022)
✔Launched AI Tutor (January 2023) +Technical partnership with OpenAI
✔4.6 million global downloads (as of June 2023)

💰Raised $60 billion+ from top Silicon Valley investors

OpenAI Startup Fund

  • Institutional investors: Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Matrix Partners

  • Individual Investors: Sam Altman (former YC President, current OpenAI CEO), Peter Thiel (Founder of PayPal, Palantir, Founders Fund), Justin Mateen & Sean Rad (Tinder Co-founders), Naval Ravikant (former AngelList Founder), Lachy Groom

Speak's mission

Speak's mission is to make English speaking accessible to everyone.

"I studied English for a long time, but I still freeze up in front of native speakers"

"I want to solve the chronic problem of Koreans who cannot speak English properly."


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What kind of app is Speak?

🏆#1 in English speaking practice

Speak provides speaking-oriented English classes based on the latest voice recognition technology

You can practice speaking!

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