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How is Speak different from other English services?
How is Speak different from other English services?
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We have always approached English only as an academic. But after all, English is also a language for communication. Just as driving and swimming cannot be learned from a book, you cannot speak fluent English without speaking practice.

You can learn English used in real life naturally by practicing overwhelming speaking that cannot be compared to other companies with Speak.

Speak's founding members, from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford , have spent the past several years developing algorithms specific to English acquisition.

Speak provides an optimized experience for learning English based on fast and accurate voice recognition technology.

Spic is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and content is produced by native speakers in San Francisco. We will tell you the real English that makes use of the way of thinking and feeling of native speakers, not the English learned at Korean academies or schools.

Experience the level of English that is right for you with Speak's systematic courses and classes.

Speak has carefully crafted a curriculum so that what you learn today can be recalled the next day.

Learn key concepts and practice speaking while communicating with a native American teacher in 1:1 classes in [Today's Class].

Practice until the expressions and patterns you learned in [Speaking Practice] stick to your mouth and become natural.

Experience the expressions you've learned through role play that assumes real conversation situations in [Real Conversation] and feel how to use them.

Speak is a mobile-optimized service. Enjoy unlimited speaking practice that you have never experienced before, anytime, anywhere with an English teacher in your pocket.

As a start-up, Speak is producing and releasing content and features that users want with faster momentum than any other company.

Subway mode, hands-free mode, save text, New Year's challenge, etc.. Many useful features of Spic were born after talking with users.

Spic always listens to users' opinions and promises to never lose sight of its original intention while constantly improving.

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