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The way to cancel a subscription differs depending on the iPhone or Android device.

To cancel your subscription, follow the steps below.

If you can't cancel your subscription or if you need help, please let us know.

→ Speak App > Profile > Settings > Speak Help Center

🍎 Cancel iPhone subscription

  1. Enter iPhone Settings

  2. Press Apple ID at the top

  3. Subscribe Enter menu

  4. Click Speak on Subscribed

  5. Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen

If you don't see Speak in *Subscribed, make sure you're not buying for the first time on your Android device!

→ Click here to cancel your iPhone subscription:

🤖 Cancel Android subscription

  1. Enter Play Store

  2. Play Store Click More to the left of the search bar

  3. Subscription Enter menu

  4. Press Cancel subscription at the bottom of the screen

*If you don't see Speak in the regular payment menu, please check if it's your first purchase on an iPhone!

→ Click here to cancel your Android subscription right away:

🖥️ Cancel website (Paddle) purchase subscription

  1. Enter Spic app

  2. Click Profile at the top

  3. press top settings

  4. Click Manage Membership

  5. Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen

*If you see the 'Subscribe again' button, the subscription cancellation process has already been completed.

If you have applied for an annual pass in 12-month installments, you will continue to be charged until the 12-month payment expiration date (1-year maturity) even if you cancel your subscription.

🤔 What if Speak doesn't appear in the list?

  • Please make sure you are not using a different Apple ID or Google account.

  • If you send a payment receipt confirming the date and time of payment and order number, we will check the account you paid for and help you.

💰 If I cancel my subscription, will my refund be automatically completed?

⚠️ Canceling a subscription is different from a refund!

Please note that you must request a refund separate from subscription cancellation . If you cancel your subscription, no repayment will be made at the time of renewal of the selected subscription.

  • Cancel Subscription : Cancel the renewal (repayment) of the current membership. You can use the subscription until the expiration date, and resubscription/repayment will not occur on the expiration date.

  • Refund : Request a refund for the membership you are using. For detailed refund policy, please click here .

If you want a refund rather than canceling your subscription (cancellation of regular payments), refer to this page to request a refund!

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